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Related article: Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 05:35:58 -0800 (PST) From: michaelkevin pittman Subject: Adventures with My Daddy part 4This is a work of fiction. Some of the characters are based on fact, but none of this ever happened Welllll.... some of it happened ( insert very sexy lewd nasty grin here) But, mostly this is just a product of my dirty little mind. Love a man with a dirty mind who knows how to use it.Adventures with My Daddy part 4 Mike here again. So, there we were.... My dad (Bill)was lying on his back, naked except for an old, worn, unwashed, pair of Lolita Videos BVDs. He was pretty funky to say the least. Uncle Pete (my godfather) was sittin on his face. His piss stained cum soaked jock pouch just barely covering his precum slicked uncut cock. I was naked, standing over my dad's chest, with my harder- than- it -had- ever -been in my 8 1/2 year old life little cock was in Uncle Pete's mouth, and i had to pee so bad i could taste it. Daddy took a couple more really good stabs with his tongue into uncle Pete's hole and then got up and stood behind me and then he licked my ear, and whispered.... go ahead Mikey, Pee for uncle Pete.... I began to feel it comming.... it started really slow i felt as if i moved it would stop and i instinctively knew i would burst if that happened... the first little spurt hit my uncle's tongue and he sat back with three fingers replacing my dads tongue, with his mouth open and waited.... the stream started.... for awhile i was lost in the pleasure of the release, so my aim was poor... It splashed all over Pete's face before i could get it in his mouth. Daddy was now between my legs with his face in uncle Petes fragrant crouch. His back was already wet from the piss that was spilling out of Petes mouth as he tried to swallow with his mouth still open... When my stream finally stopped, daddy rolled on his back and pulled me over to squat over his face. His tongue slathered around my hole for awhile and shot inside... my little cock was trapped between my belly and uncle pete's jock pouch. Then uncle Pete leaned forward alittle and pulled daddy's knees up. so now my cock was rubbin uncle petes, daddys tongue was further up my ass than i could have thought possible, his chest and belly were up against my back, and his dick and balls rubbing the back of my neck. I was in heaven... Uncle Pete looked down at Daddy and asked him for a taste. So, they changed positions with me trapped between their hairy bellies, while they littlerally sucked face for awhile...i had a hold of both of their cocks, as one they both started to piss at the same time. I couldnt do both at once, so i alternated drinking from each spigot. while i drank from one, the other was splashing on my cock balls and belly. When it stopped, i crawled over and put my face in uncle Pete's wide open asshole. Daddy was suckin his cock. they both came at the same time... uncle Pete all over daddy's and my faces and daddy shot what seemed like a quart of cum all over my ass balls and cock... After catchin his breath again, Daddy looked at Uncle Pete and said " well looks like the Furies aren't gonna have to babsit after all.... Lets take him with us..." There's more to this..... like it? great! comments ? suggestions?
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